Frequently asked questions

Can you rehouse or add PL mount? I want to use them on a Alexa camera

No unfortunately not. I modify still lenses to ef mount and make them more usable for filming. There is EF mount for Alexa cameras so you can use these lenses on Alexa. To buy a modified Set is a great way to test lenses and if you truly love them you can still rehouse them by a reputable rehousing company later on.

Can I order parts to do the conversion myself?

I don't offer parts for the conversion unfortunately. There is specialised online retailers :

What cases are you using?

The cases come from distributor of Seahorse Cases and I get the foam custom made by

I've got a lens that has got a mechanical issue can you fix that?

I don't repair customer lenses, I personally use a Leica trained Lens technician