Leica Summicron-R pre1980 6 lens Set

Leica Summicron-R pre1980 6 lens Set

Leica Summicron-R 6 lens Set incl. Case EF mount


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Great for the upcoming large Format and Vista Vision cameras

Covers FF and great for Monstro 8k and Arri Alexa LF

Optics are clear, free of scratches or fungus. They are all converted to EF mount and had machined gears fitted. The aperture has been declicked and dampened for cine use. EF mount can be used on most cameras with correct mount incl. Alexa Mini LF, Red Epic Monster Scarlet-W, Blackmagic Ursa etc.

They all got 80mm fronts and caps with minimum focus distance and 77mm thread for filters. They been handpicked to ensure years of future use to film. These are all with serial SN#28-29 have all been built around 1977 so they match well. They all cover FF. The 80mm front is great for ND filter use etc. Please be aware the lenses can't support big/heavy clip on matt boxes on the 80mm fronts. Just use rails and you are good.


Elmarit-R 19mm 2.8 SN#276 Year: 1976

Elmarit-R 28mm 2.8 SN#278 Year: 1976

Summicron-R 35mm 2.0 SN#290 Year: 1978

Summicron-R 50mm 2.0 SN#282 Year: 1978

Summicron-R 90mm 2.0 SN#281 Year: 1977

Elmarit-R 135mm 2.8 SN#280 Year: 1977






Comes with custom cut foam case. 

This Set is in good condition see photos. The optics are in great condition no scratches, no  fungus, no haze and no separation. There is tiny amounts of micro dust in some of the glass. Barrels got some traces of use as expected for over 40 years of age. Please send your desired artwork/logo after the order (for case foam and lens caps)

I'm part of the film industry and encourage to have a Video call to make this a safe transaction for seller and buyer. Please confirm beforehand I can ship to your country if you are not from North America or Europe or Oceania.


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